Christmas DIY


Chocolate and candy are of course easy Christmas ideas to give, but just sticking a chocolate bar in a stocking or advent calender is a bit boring.  It’s so easy to add your own personal crafty touch when giving candy.  My boys love Reese peanut butter cups, so I used a pack of these for my Christmas craft.  You can easily wrap these bars, and others of course, in Christmas paper, to give them a festive look.  All I did was cut my paper to length, and measure the four edges going around to get the width (make sure you leave a little extra so you can overlap your paper at the back).

I scored my paper at approximately 1″, then at 2.5″, again at 1″, and again at 2.5″, leaving about an inch or so extra for the overhang.  I wrapped my bar, and taped it with double sided tape at the back to close it up.  If your measurements are a little big, just put a bit of double sided tape on the back of the candy wrapper for your paper to stick to, and hold in place.


I then measured another piece of paper the same, except I cut it about an inch shorter in length.  I cut out a scalloped circle in black, and a fun circle a bit smaller in size in silver.  I then used the cute little dear from the Create a Critter Cricut cartridge to put on top.  And voila!  My festive chocolate bar is complete!

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