Chalkboard Christmas Countdown Blocks


I ordered some chalkboard vinyl ages ago, and have never done anything with it.  I decided to finally make a set of Christmas countdown blocks with it.  I cut two squares out of a 2×4, measuring 3.5″ high and wide, then I cut a 2 x 2 at 7″ long.  I painted my square blocks red, and the bottom block green, and added some Christmas themed papers to each.  The bottom is just red cardstock, embossed with little dots.  I like to keep anything that’s going to have writing on fairly solid, so the words are easy to read.

I then cut my chalkboard vinyl in a scalloped circle shape at about 2.75″ around, and cut my Days ’til Christmas words out of regular white vinyl.  I don’t love having black on a Christmas project that isn’t a primitive style craft, so I added some green and silver sparkly gems around the scalloped edges to try and pretty them up.

To finish everything off, I wrapped my countdown blocks in some glittery green ribbon.  This ribbon is wired, so it was easy to shape the bow at the top.  This project could also be done by cutting the words out of cardstock and mod podging them on.  You can also get chalkboard paper from craft stores if you can’t get any vinyl.  I ordered mine from the internet, but I can’t remember the place.  It was too long ago 🙂

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