You Are Our Greatest Adventure SVG & PNG

You Are Our Greatest Adventure SVG & PNG

Here is a cute SVG and PNG combo with the phrase You Are Our Greatest Adventure.  I made mine into a sign, with a bit of a rustic flare.  I found an old piece of pine board, stained it, and sanded it, then stuck my quote on it, which I had cut out of vinyl.  I used spray paint to paint the letters on, then gave it a clear coat when it was dry.  I added a bit of jute string to the bottom for a fun, rustic look.

So in the past, when making signs on wood with lots of grain, I’ve had trouble with my paint bleeding under my vinyl.  This time I made sure to sand the wood until I couldn’t feel the grain anymore.  I just did it with a small piece of light grit sandpaper by hand, and it came smooth pretty easily.  I definitely made a difference!  I also used quick drying paint, because, well, I’m impatient!  But it really made no difference.  I prefer to use spray paint because I can put on multiple light coat, which also helps to prevent bleeding.  I just don’t do a good job when I use a brush, or foam brush.  But that’s just me.

You can find this SVG here:

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