If Love Could Have Saved You Quote For Pets

If Love Could Have Saved You Quote For Pets

If love could have save you, you would have lived forever.  We love our fur babies soooo much.  As well as the ones that aren’t furry.  We recently lost our gecko, who I named Gecko.  I’ve also got a cat named Kitty, but that’s besides the point.  Never in a million years would I have thought that I could love a lizard.  He was just the cutest, and I really miss him.  We’ve also got two cats and two dogs to love on, and I hate to think that there will be a day when they won’t be with us.  They would truly live forever if love could keep them here.

This quote comes in svg and png formats, and would make for a lovely sign to remember your precious pet.  It could be made into a sweet memorial as well by cutting out the svg and using it as a stencil to write, or paint, on wood and rocks.  Add a clear coat and it could go outside.  (Be sure the wood you use is something like pine or cedar, not mdf).  A picture could be mod podged on as well, to add an extra special touch.

If you would like this quote, it’s available at my CraftyCanadaStudio shop.

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