I’m Walking On Sunshine SVG

Do you love 80’s music as much as I do?  Whenever I hear that song it immediately puts me in a good mood!  So, I figured why not create an SVG that people could use to create signs, pillows, t-shirts, and coffee mugs.

This listing is an instant download, and is available for personal and commercial use, so long as my digital file isn’t re-sold either as is, or taken apart.  The sun can also be used on it’s own for projects, as I’ve done in the picture above, which I’ve matched with two of my other listings: Moon & Stardust SVG and Smiley Cloud SVG.

All of these svgs are available for sale at my CraftyCanadaStudio Etsy shop.  And if you use any of my svgs in your projects, feel free to share a picture of your work with me.  I’d love to see what creations people come up with.  And, if you sell any of my images, I’ll be sure to link back to your shop!

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