Monogrammed Wood Heart

I recently created this cute wood heart, which I made out of three pieces of 3.5″ pine.  I cut each piece, then painted them a pretty Terrace White.  I then glued them together, and added wood strips to the back for a stronger hold.  I cut out my letter B stencil, as well as my Est. date and name.  The B was painted Washed Teal, and the name and date were done in Martha Stewart’s Grey Wolf.

This heart would look lovely anywhere in the home, including an entry way, living room, or with a collage of family pictures.  It would also make for a perfect personalized wedding or housewarming gift!  It could also be done for a child’s room or nursery by adding a birth date instead of an established date.  You can find this heart in my Etsy shop available for purchase as a custom order, or you can order just the plain wood heart to be decorated at home.

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