Valentine’s Day Pencil Holder SVG


I found this super cute pencil holder svg online and thought it would be perfect as a classroom Valentine’s Day gift.  Either kids can give them to classmates, or teacher’s to their students.

I downloaded the file and imported it into my Cricut Design program to cut out there.  I first put the Valentine’s day svg’s onto my Cricut canvas, then added some text to the hearts.  I did Be Mine, one in pink, and the other in black.  I then used the handy print and cut feature that Cricut Design offers.

Some playing around and re-sizing did need to be done, as the heart that Be Mine is written on didn’t fit the bottom heart properly.  I would suggest writing down the sizes of each heart once you get it figured out, incase they accidentally get deleted.

I found a pack of cheap valentine’s day pencils at the dollar store, as well as Valentine’s Day ribbon, which I tied around the ends of my pencils.  So cute!  And simple!  And if you don’t have the print and cut feature, you could always stamp the heart, or just write on it, which would be quick and easy to do.  You can also customize your hearts by doing them in other colors, like blues and greens, which some kids might like better than pink 😉

This Valentine’s Day craft could be done without a machine as well.  They could be done with large heart punches, or just draw and cut.  Add a little slit on each side of the hearts to slide your pencil through, and do the arrow tip simply by cutting out a triangle and putting a slit at the wide end for your pencil end to go through as well.  And you’re done.  An easy, and fun to make Valentine craft!

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