Valentine’s Day Photo Blocks

I wanted to make a little something for Valentine’s Day, and I keep seeing these amazing photo blocks everywhere, so I had to try making a set for myself.  Mine are pretty basic, and the first photo set I’ve done, but I love how easy they are to make!

I used some 2×4 wood that I cut into blocks, painted them with some brown acrylic paint, and mod podged my pre-cut photos onto them.  I did a little distressing around the edges of the wood before sticking on my pictures, and I used a rounded corner punch on my pics as well.  I bought a cheap rolling pin at the dollar store the other day and used it on my pictures to flatten them down onto to the wood really well, because air bubbles would be a terrible thing!  I didn’t want to rub my photos with a flat edge to get the air bubbles out because I was scared they would get scratched, so I’m hoping the rolling pin works!  I have made things before where the air bubbles show up later on, so we’ll see down the road how well it worked :).

I cut out my letters with my Cricut machine and mod podged those on as well, and again used the roller.  Start in the middle and work your way out though.  My letters were wanting to stick to my rolling pin and peel off of my blocks.  I’m sure there’s a much smarter way to do all this, but I don’t know what it is yet.  And if you don’t have a cricut, or some other source for cutting out letters, you can always buy letters at the dollar store, or craft store.  Rub on letters would work great, stickers, or even chipboard letters.  The chipboard might actually look pretty neat because it’ll add a little dimention or texture to your blocks!

When my mod podge was dry, I put a clear coat over everything as well.  I would suggest using mod podge and a clear coat that both have a matt finish.  The only mod podge I could get at Walmart the other day was the satin finish, which will really reflect the light, and make it hard to see your pictures.  My clear coat is a satin finish as well…I don’t know why I bought that!

When everything is done you might want to add some embellishments, like ribbon, flowers, or fancy little nail tacks to your blocks.  I thought I would just leave my plain this time.  If you do create your own set though, I would love to see and share a photo on my website to give other viewer more ideas.  I hope this gives you an idea for your own Valentine’s Day project :).

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