Witch Boot SVG

I received my October issue of the Cricut magazine yesterday.  I was so excited considering I thought my subscription was up!  I was even thumbing through the last issue I got a couple of days ago looking for Halloween ideas, but of course didn’t really find anything.  This issue has lots of cute ideas, so I was definitely inspired to make something!

On page 20 they created a couple of pictures on canvas boards using the Happy Hauntings Cricut cartridge.  They did a hat on one,  and a witch’s boot on the other.  I don’t yet have this cartridge but I was sure I had downloaded a free witches boot svg ages ago, which luckily it turned out I had.  I wish I knew where I had downloaded it from so I could post the website address, but it was so long ago, I can’t remember.  If anyone knows, feel free to message me about it and I’ll happily post the address :).  Otherwise you can find  another WITCH BOOT SVG here.

The boot I had was a little different.  It’s more of a shoe with striped stockings and a buckle.  I love the detail of the boot from the Happy Hauntings cartridge, so my boot was looking a little boring at first.  I tried to copy the tulle, which I discovered I have know idea how to add tulle to my projects.  I made it work, but it’ll probably pop off before halloween.  The only colors of tulle I had on hand were pink, white, and silver, so I chose the bright pink.  I love the color, but discovered it doesn’t work that great on a purple canvas because obviously it’s hard to see.  This is why I painted yellow on top of the purple, and I’m actually glad I did.  It added more color, and the yellow is a nice fall/halloween color.
I’m one who hates empty spaces in my projects.  I don’t know why I feel the need to fill everything up, whether it’s a scrapbook page, card, or sign.  Needless to say my project was looking a little sparse to me with just the boot, so I decided to make it into a sign.  I’ve seen “The Witch Is In” slogan elsewhere on the net, so I though it would be fitting to go with my boot.  I cut out the letters with my Cricut using the Harrington font, and stuck them on using my Xyron.  (That Xyron is a lifesaver sometimes!)

I had previously drilled holes in the top corners of my canvas and hammered in a couple of eyelets, this was so I could put my ribbon through for hanging.  I used the silver tulle this time, and knotted some orange and black halloween themed ribbon in with it.  I finished it all off by putting a light coating of mod podge around the edges and in some bare spots throughout the sign, and sprinkled a bit of silver glitter on with my fingers.  I didn’t want too much on, just enough that the glitter will catch the light and sparkle on Halloween night.

You can find a witch’s shoe and other HALLOWEEN SVG’S here.

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