Lunch Bag and Backpack Key Tags

My boys are going back to school in a week (goodbye summer :() so I wanted to think of a project for that occasion.  I’m always keeping my eyes open in stores for cute things that can hang off the zippers on their backpacks or lunchboxes.  I thought, why not cut out shapes, use my Xyron machine to laminate them, and make key tags out of them!

I used my Create a Critter Cricut cartridge and cut out the two little dino’s in blue, green and orange cardstock.  I put the laminating cartridge in my Xyron machine and ran them through.  Before cutting them out I punched a hole in the top and stuck an eyelet into into each one.  After that I cut the shapes out.  I cut mine out a little bit away from my shapes, thinking it would keep the laminate from peeling away (as shown in the picture), but later I cut the excess off and the laminate still stuck on good.  Probably better actually.

Anyways, I thought this might be a cute idea for kids.  My boys are a little old for the dinos, but you could do kids names, or other shapes that they might like.  You could also use the Xyron to make stickers for kids to stick onto their pencil holders or binders!

Don’t forget to get a key ring if you’re going make one of those.  You can find those in lots of stores though :).

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