Thank-You Card

This new Thank-you card I created today was inspired from one I saw in the June/July Cricut magazine, found on page 97.  I though it would be a simple card that people could still create even if they didn’t have a Cricut machine or Cuttlebug.

Although I used my Cricut to cut out the circles and letters, I did use my square punch as well.  I would have used a circle punch but I didn’t have one the same size as the square.  I found the square measured approximately 1 3/4″, which I didn’t have the same size in any of my circles.  It would be easy though to match your squares to your circle punch size instead.  And if you don’t have any tools to use, I would just trace a circle from something around the house, measure it’s length across, and measure and cut squares to match, which would be fairly easy to do.

As for the letters, you could simply buy some stick on letters at a craft shop, dollar store, Walmart, etc.  They’re pretty easy to find.

My letters aren’t as easy to read as the letters in the magazine photo, but I matched the colors and the overall style as closely as I could.  I hope this gives people a new card idea.  I noticed the number of squares would fit the word BIRTHDAY as well, with one square left to decorate, just like on my card.  Bright birthday colors and patterns would be fun to use.  I think I might even create a new card doing just that!

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