Owl Birthday Invitation

I bought the Hoot ‘n’ Holler Cricut cartridge a while back, and I love all the cute little owls available on it.  I decided to create a birthday invitation with the Hoo’s Having a Birthday cutout on it.  Because it has a few layers on it I was able to use a few different colors for it.

I decided to do it in bright colors because when I think of birthdays I think of lots of bright, fun color.  The black is obviously dark, so I decided to layer it onto a bright sunshine yellow.

I set the letters to 3″, as well as the owl (which was also from the Hoot ‘n’ Holler cartridge).  The hat that’s on the owl was also from this Cricut cartridge, but I set it at 1.5″, or else it would have been huge.  The confetti on the front of the card was actually from a Mickey Mouse birthday sticker pack that I had bought a while back.  Looking at the confetti though, they would be really easy to create on your own.  I would use a little piece of paper, probably about  2mm wide, by 4cm long, and you just fold it back and forth, and stick some double stick tape on the one side to attach (or glue it on).

002Again, I made my invitation so it can stick on the fridge.  I chose a white piece of paper for the information, and just printed it out on the computer using the Broadway font, and the “dash” key with the “shift” key to create my lines for writing on.  But before attaching the white paper to the back side of my yellow, I added some magnetic tape, which is sticky on one side, with double sided tape on the other side, and stuck my white on top.  This way the magnetic tape is hidden.  And I just buy my magnet tape at the dollar store, or any craft shop.  It comes in a roll, and you just cut to size.  It’s such a great idea, and I’ve used it on lots of projects.  Make sure you use enough though, or your card will slide down the fridge.  I just used small pieces in each corner and it wasn’t quite strong enough to hold.  Probably a long strip across the top and bottom would work well.

And if you’re wondering why I make my invitations this way, it’s because I’m forever setting the invitations aside that my kids bring home, and almost forget to RSVP to the birthdays.  I just find that being able to stick the invitation on the fridge is a great way to remind people to RSVP, and they know right where it is for the phone number and address.  Plus, they don’t need to find extra magnets to stick it on!  Of course, this birthday invitation would be great without the magnets too, and made into an actual card.  And using a score board you’ll be able to create a fun envelope to go with this invitation too!

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