Funky Owl Bookends

I’ve added a couple more owl bookends to my shop over the last couple of days using my new owl design.  I do have a few to finish up of both the old owl design and the new as well.  The latest two have both been done with the crackle paint edging as well, but this time in a bright, hot pink color, and a bright turquoise blue.  I think the bright colors are so cheery and fun!

I’m going to be adding unfinished sets to my shop soon too, offering both of my owl designs.  This means there will be three different owl designs to choose from and finish off at home!  Customers will also be able to purchase just the owls without the bookends.  I think the owls would make for a fun craft for kids to decorate themselves (with some adult help), and they’ll be able to display them on a shelf, or add a wall hook to the back and hang them!  What a fun birthday party or sleep over craft they would make!

Above is one of the latest sets.  You can click here or the photo to check out more at my shop.

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