New Owl Bookend Design

I’ve finally created some owl bookends, and decided it was time to come up with a second owl design.  These little guys are what I came up with, and I think they’re so cute!  I just love their little faces 🙂 .  This time around though I decided to try a crackle paint technique on my bookends around the outer edges, just for something different.  I suppose it gives them some what of a shabby chic kind of look.

I’ve continued to use the flowers on the owls ears, and gems down the sides of each end, just because I like the way they look.  And I also added little flowers all over each end as well to help fill in the spaces.  On my other ends I’ve used bigger flowers, which I like as well.  I’ll probably still use those flowers on some of my new sets too.

This set will be for sale in my Crafty Shop, and I have seven more sets in different colors and patterns waiting to go up (probably throughout the week).  Keep checking back to see the other designs I’ve come up with!

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