Sweet Baby Boy Card

I thought I would try my hand at one of the cards in the Cricut magazine that I got recently, so I decided to make the Sweet Baby Boy card found on page 22.  In the magazine they used the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge for the stars, but I used the star from the Sure Cuts A Lot shapes box.

I cut out two stars at 5 1/2″ in a light green, and two stars at 5″, one in polka dots, and one in white for the inside of my card.  I also cut out a smaller star at about 2″ in green with cream polka dots.  I inked around my outer star with Blue Sky distressing ink by Martha Stewart, as well as around my inner white star.  I inked around the green polka dot star with Brownstone ink as well.

I had to create my own tag so I used the rounded square and circle in the SCAL shapes again, welded them together, and cut them out.  The square was only about 1″H x 1 3/4″L, with a small circle overlapping the square at one end to make a semi-circle (which you will adhere a button onto).  I didn’t have a stamp to do the Sweet Baby on my tag, so I created my own in the paint program.  I first made a blue star (the star is in the paint shapes), and I chose two different fonts for the words Sweet, and Baby.  I made my words brown and overlapped them onto the star.  You may have to play around and print it out a couple times to figure out your sizing.  I think I used 64 for the Sweet, and 74 for the Baby.  Once you get it to the right size, print it out on white cardstock and trace around it with the tag you made.  I found it hard to see the words through the cardstock, therefor I didn’t know where to place my tag.  Holding it up to the light worked great though.  Of course, if you have a cute stamp then that will work much easier than the way I did it!
002I attached my polka dot star onto my large star with double sided tape, and inked around the edge of my polka dot paper with a silver pen.  Of course, in the book they actually sewed around it, but I wasn’t that ambitious!  I then stuck my tag onto my green star and stuck both of those onto my card with pop dots, and finished them off with a button that I had previously threaded with brown string.  I also cut out the word BOY in white cardstock to add on, but I should have made my letters bigger, or I should have just used chipboard letters.  I ended up inking my letters because I thought they looked bland, but because they’re so small and they’re now pretty much the same color as my polka dot paper, you don’t really notice them.

To finish it off I stuck my two large stars together by scoring the top of my decorated star about an inch down from the top point, and adding double sided tape above the score line.  Stick ’em together, and that’s it!  A pretty basic card to make, especially if you have stamps, or something to punch out tags.  Using store bought letters for your word BOY would work great too.  It’s amazing how much time can be saved with the right tools!

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