Martha Stewart Punches

I thought I would treat myself to a couple of new punches today at Walmart.  I picked up the Embossed Pop Up Daisy, and the Monarch Butterfly, both by Martha Stewart.  I was especially excited about the daisy, until I got it home and realized I didn’t look the box good enough.  I thought it punched out the whole daisy, but it turns out it just punches out the petals so they pop up from the rest of the paper.  It’s still a neat idea for making cards and scrapbook layouts, but I was hoping I would be able to stick them onto other projects as well.  Also, I’m finding the embossing isn’t working as good as I had hoped either.  In the photo on the box it shows really defined lines in the petals and dots in the middle.  My lines hardly show up at all, and the dots are more like little pin sized dots.  I also have to push really hard on the punch to get the embossing to show up well, and I feel like I’m going to break it.  But it is still a pretty punch and you can layer your daisy for a neat effect.  The petals of the bottom flower will poke through the upper petals holes fairly easily.
007The other punch was the Monarch Butterfly.  I really do love this punch.  It’s not an embossing one or anything, but the detail in the butterfly is really pretty.  This one I will able to attach onto my craft projects, and I’m looking forward to punching it out in glitter paper, or else just glittering it myself.  I’m excited to use this punch with my projects!

So this was my little review on these two punches.  Maybe others are having better luck with the daisy punch than I am.  Craft projects, cards and scrapbook layout photos featuring these punches are welcome for my Viewer Projects category.  Feel free to email them to me at!

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