New Cricut Magazine and Button Punch

Today I received my Cricut magazine and my button punch in the mail.  They were ordered from different places, it just happened that they both showed up today.  Needless to say, I’m a very happy person!

I love the Cricut Magazine.  In case you didn’t see my previous entry, you can go to and order their new magazine online.  I got a six month subscription and I think I’ll be very happy that I did!  The thing I’m liking about this magazine is that it isn’t just about cards, or layouts…it’s about everything you can do with the Cricut machine.

They have loads of ideas in there covering everything from cards, layouts, party ideas, home decor, weddings and more!  Of course they use the Cricut cartridges to create their projects, which I only have a few of.  But I figure it’s a good way to use some of the svg’s that I have.  And for anyone who has the SCAL program, you can go to and find a lot of free svg’s there!  For anyone who doesn’t yet have the Sure Cuts A Lot program, click here to purchase.  It’s an awesome program.  Well worth getting!

I would highly recommend this magazine for anyone who is looking for paper crafting ideas!

002As I said I also got my button punch today.  It’s made by MARVY Uchida, and is called the Clever Lever Silhouette & Embossing Craft Punch (long name).  I’ve been finding that when I go to add buttons on to things I never seem to have the colors or sizes that I want.

This punch cuts out three buttons at once embosses them, so it gives the punch outs that real button look!  Of course there are times that paper buttons just won’t do, so I tried cutting some out of thin (cereal box thin) cardboard, and they did punch out.  I don’t know if that’s something I would recommend doing often because it was a tough punch, and I would be worried of breaking it.  It does make them more stiff though; I could even put a thin ribbon through the holes without ripping the button!

So these were two of my latest splurges that I thought I would share with everyone.  I’m excited to try some of the ideas out that are in the Cricut magazine.  I’ll be sure to post anything new that I make.  Right now I’m working on some Valentine goody bags for my son’s class.  I just loaded up at the dollar store on note pads, stamps, erasers and treats to fill the bags with.  I’ll be sure and post a photo or two when they’re done!

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