Getting Into The Christmas Spirit!

Seeing as Christmas is only a few days away I thought I would do a few projects to honor the season.  I realized that I haven’t done much of anything this year in the way of Christmas crafts.  I didn’t even send cards out this year to family and friends!  Crafty Canada takes up most of my time, and everything else just got put on hold this year.  I’m still new at all this so perhaps my New Year’s Resolution will be to learn how to manage my time a little better!

Anyways, today I got busy and did a few different projects.  I wanted to make a card, which I did, but for inspiration I thumbed through some of the ones I made in previous years.  That’s when I came across a card holder that I made in a class last year.  It wasn’t a Christmas class, so I thought I would put a more festive touch to it.  Unfortunately, I got my measurements mixed up and made my holder the right depth and width, but not height.  I think I had it right to start, but with my scatter brain I thought it was wrong and cut off an inch.  But that’s okay.  It’s more to show as a craft idea then something I planned on using anyways.  It’s actually really easy to make, especially if you have a score board.  But if you don’t you can use a sharp edge and the ridge in your cutter.  All you need is three different styles of cardstock (two plain, and one pattern), some gems, ribbon, and an edge punch.  I won’t get into sizing details and how to put it all together, but if anyone is interested they can email me at and I’ll send you a description of sizes and how to piece it all together.  When it’s done, you’ll have four slots on the inside to hold your cards.  It’s really cute!

004Next I made a card, which I designed after one I made in the same card class as the holder.  This is also a simple one to make, all you need are five different styles of cardstock (four plain and one pattern), a Christmas stamp, some ribbon and gems.  I also added extra snowflakes that I cut out with my Martha Stewart punch.  The tag in the middle was one I made with my SCAL program.  The original tag that we used in the card class was cut and embossed with the Cuttlebug, but the one I made today works the same, it’s just not embossed.  I’m not sure I love the papers I picked for this card, it maybe looks a little busy, but with the right papers it would be really nice!








001And lastly, I was thumbing through a craft magazine and saw an idea in there for hanging Christmas cards.  I thought this was a great idea seeing as I could use the butterfly clips that I used on my son’s goody bags!  So easy.  All you need are some butterfly clips, ribbon, and wire.  I bought my wire at the dollar store so it cost next to nothing.  Then I just cut off about six inches worth, curled it into a fancy S shape, hooked my altered clips on them, and hung them on a piece of ribbon that I hung up.  This is a great idea for displaying cards if you run out of shelf space!  You could also tie your ribbon onto a door knob or nail and let the ribbon hang straight down.  Tie your clips onto the ribbon every so many inches and clip on your cards.  Make sure each clip is far enough apart though so your cards don’t hang over top one another!

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