Christmas Goody Bags

I made some Christmas goody bags for my son to give to his grade 3 classmates.  I wish I would have done these sooner to put online, but for some reason I keep forgetting Christmas is next week already.  I thought the kids still had a week left of school!  I had actually started these last week, but got caught up doing some bookends, so….Nothing like leaving it to the last day!

These goody bags are a similar idea to the Halloween bags I made.  I used some little baggies that I found at the dollar store, cardstock, butterfly clips, ribbon, and gems.  I used my Cricut machine to cut out the penguin at 2″ from my Creative Critters cartridge, and stuck it onto my folded red cardstock.  I added a stamp, one says Ho, Ho, Ho; and the other says Naught Or Nice, as well as a couple snowflakes which I punched out with my Martha Stewart punch.

I altered the butterfly clips, which were just plain black, with some Christmas paper and double sided sticky tape.  I added a piece of ribbon, which I frayed, and clipped it to the top for attaching my son’s Christmas cards and goody bags together.   I then finished it all off with a couple gems in the top corners, and gems in the center of each flake.

I have to be honest and say this project takes a lot of time and patience.  There was a lot of cutting and taping involved, but fortunately I had my niece give me some help today, so that made it go by much quicker.  It’s probably a good idea to go in on a project like this with one or more friends and create somewhat of an assembly line.  It would make the job quicker, easier, and obviously much more fun.  Crafting over coffee…I should have thought of that sooner!

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