New ABC 123 Bookends

I finally finished the silver and taupe set of ABC 123 bookends I’ve been working on for ages.  I used papers in grey, taupe, white and black and colored the edges of the blocks with silver distressing ink.  I did the edges with brown ink first, and it looked terrible, so I went over it all again with silver and they looked much better.  Probably better than if I’d just done them in silver to begin with because now it’s a dark silver and the edges stand out better.

The outer edges of the ends are little funky because I did them in silver as well.  I was looking for grey but I guess I thought I’d try silver instead.  I wasn’t too sure how it would look, if the ends would look too industrial and mature, but I actually like the way they turned out.  They just have a little more shine when the light shines on them!  They’re a nice neutral set that will go with multiple bedroom decors.

This set will be available for sale.  Click here to view my shop!

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