Christmas Light Bulb SVG

I thought I would let everyone know I just put up a post at of a Christmas light bulb.  I have an ornament and stocking to put up as well, which I’ll hopefully get done tomorrow.  I’ll make a post when I do get them up though!

I just got some extra bookends tacked together so hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to post a photo of the ABC 123 set I’ve been working on.

I managed to hit Michaels today and get some new Christmas stamps, paper, and a Xyron cartridge.  They had a 20% off sale today, so I guess I saved a little money, although it didn’t seem like it.  I had a 40% off coupon as well that I was able to use on my cartridge.  They’re expensive!  And for anyone who goes to Michaels and forgets to clip out their coupon from their flyer, go online if you haven’t thought of it already and print out their coupons there.  Every little bit of savings helps at that store!

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