Slow Week

Well I haven’t done too much this week.  I did start a new set of bookends, and I cut a couple of Christmas ornaments out of wood, I just can’t figure out how I want to decorate them.  I’m trying to re-organize my work area and I’m taking over my kids desk.  For some reason, any time I start a project, my desk turns into a disaster zone.  Trying to work around my Cricut machine and laptop isn’t fun, so I decided I need an extra work area.

I also started a new set of Christmas countdown blocks that I’m waiting to finish.  I’ve been using my Xyron machine to stick the numbers on my blocks, and of course I just ran out of the paper in it.  I think these blocks will look really nice.  I used some pretty cream colored paper that has glittery gold snowflakes all over, then I’m using the Xyron to do my numbers with red glitter (which I’m also just about out of).  I hate running out of materials, it really brings everything to a halt!

So anyways, today I’ll be making a trip to Michaels to stock up on stuff.  Hopefully they still have more of that Christmas paper, or something just as nice.  I think I’ll make a couple of sets and put them in my shop.  I”ll probably want to keep this set for myself though seeing as my Christmas decorations are all red and gold.  I might try a couple other colors if I can find the right papers, like silver and blue.  So keep checking back this upcoming week because I’ll be posting pictures of everything!

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