Fall Harvest Kit

The weather is getting a bit cooler and I noticed yesterday that some of the trees are starting to change color already.  That can mean one thing…fall is on it’s way.  I love everything about fall, the colors, the cooler weather, being able to wear comfy sweaters, and it’s the perfect time to start in on those autumn crafts.

I’ve created a new HARVEST kit that includes everything you need to make your own fall decoration.  It includes 7 unfinished wood blocks in staggered sizes of 5.5″, 4.5″, and 4″.  It also comes with paper for each block featuring fall colors and patterns, 3 different ribbons, buttons, and raffia.

You get to paint your blocks in whatever colors you choose, be it fall colors like orange, red or green, or a warm chocolate brown.  You can also distress the edges of your blocks with sandpaper or an emery board (the same thing you use to file your nails), as well as distress your paper with some distressing ink.  There are lots of ways you can add your own personal touch to this autumn decoration.  My next project will be a Countdown to Hallowe’en block set, so check back for updates!

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