Birthday Banners

It was my son’s birthday yesterday and I got to put up the Happy Birthday banner I made for him the year before.  I also made a banner with his name that I strung across the fireplace.  I put ribbon coils between each letter and it looked really good.  I also hung ribbon coils from the ceiling (just with some scotch tape) and scattered balloons all over the floor.  My kids love it when I decorate for their birthdays.

My other son will be eleven in a couple of weeks and he keeps telling me he wants decorations for his birthday.  He was old enough this year that he got to help decorate for his little brother’s birthday, so I think he was pretty proud that he got to participate.  Getting a ten, going on eleven, year old to bed early enough during summer vacation so we can do all his decorations will be a chore, I’m sure, this year.  I still need to make a name banner for him this year, too.  I’ll post a photo when I get that one done.  I got a cute idea for it off of a TV commercial that uses circles instead of the typical triangles.  Until then, you can view my birthday banners in the Special Occasions category under the Crafts link!

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