Cuttlebug & Cuttlekids Invitations

Today I made a couple of party invitations using the Cuttlebug and Cuttlekids machines.  I used brightly colored red, orange, yellow, green, and blue cardstock paper, a Cuttlebug alphabet for the PARTY logo, and the Cuttlekids helicopter die cut.  I printed out the who, when, where, and RSVP out on yellow cardstock with my printer using the curls font.  The helicopter was stuck on using pop dots to give the invitation a 3D effect.

On the back of the invitation are stick on magnets.  I did this with my son’s birthday party invitations I made last year so people could stick it right to the refrigerater. My boys have brought home party invites before that I’ve set aside and almost forgot about, so I thought being able to put the invitation right on the fridge is a good reminder to parents.  I bought a roll of magnetic tape at the dollar store and it works great.  You slimply roll off the amount you want to use, cut it off, pull the backing paper off and stick it right to your project.

I also used a couple of different corner punches on all the layers of paper to make it a little more interesting visually.  These invites were fun and easy to make, I even had my son cutting out the letters and helicopters for me with the Cuttlebug and we are both really happy with how they turned out.  This is just one idea for using the Cuttlebug and Cuttlekids machines for both parent and children.  So easy, even kids can make their own invitations!  Here’s a link to see the finished project.

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